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Christiane Pannier Simon Gordeev
„And: have you done a reality check already?“
„Everything is possible.“
– Christiane Mentz
„Just do it.“ (Nike)
– Simon Gordeev
This concept has proven itself working as a concert promoter or a VFX producer. Preparation is fundamental. A good road-map makes any kind of production easier, and provides a goal-orientated, optimized workflow. This allows fertile ground for creativity. Chaos is a private affair. I became familiar with technical and organizational aspects of audio production while working as a sound engineer on a broad range of audio projects. Music production, film mixing, sound design – each project requires a different approach and often forces me to jump in at the deep end. Keeping the Nike claim in mind helps me to find courage and motivation to do the first step. (Even though I prefer to wear Puma…)
Franzisca Puppe
„Every single project is unique.“
„I like people and creativity.“
– Franzisca Puppe

Among the duties of a VFX Producer are balancing the creative vision of a production with the budget and schedule provided by your client.

VFX Producers Keys to Success:

  • Ability to work well under pressure and to think/react quickly, while things are moving fast around you
  • Always have a close eye on your budget and schedule
  • Humour is essential
  • Be a good communicator
  • Being detail oriented is as important as having always the big picture in mind
  • You have to think outside the box; sometimes
  • A good production database is imperative